profchoke asked:

single father Tony whose in way over his head and hires baby sitter steve

theappleppielifestyle answered:

oh goddd

tony would do every background check he can think of with the people that get through pepper’s complicated screening process, and steve comes through with five stars and two thumbs up from pepper, but tony is still wary because this is about who will be around his child for a lot of the time

like, tony is trying really hard to be around the kid as much as possible, but he has so much work and pepper can only hold off on so many meetings and rhodey has shit to do and happy puts up with enough without having to look after a screaming baby

so tony hires steve and steve somehow manages to get little maria stark to stop crying. he explains to a puzzled tony that he hasn’t been burping her properly, he’s meant to pat her back harder, and tony winces when he demonstrates

"won’t that hurt her," tony asks worryingly, but maria is giggling and clutching at steve’s fingers as steve grins and says, "nah. it’s a common mistake for first-time parents to make, i understand why you’d be worried about it.’

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